Iron Maiden at Madison Square Garden 6-20-08

Wow what a great show!!!! Iron Maiden is still putting on an awesome show and sound better than ever. They had great pyro, fireworks, dry ice, lights, backdrops and costumes. A huge Eddie walked out on stage holding a large gun and danced around

Bruce’s voice sounded strong and still has full range with lots of power behind his screams. Couldn’t ask for more other than more encores! The crowd was diverse in age from 55, 45, 35, 25, 15, and 5 years old! All wearing Iron Maiden gear

We were in the nose bleed section and still had a great view and the sound was clear. They did loose power at one point but I think they were just waiting for me to finish up in the restroom. HA! No need to stop on my account. If you missed it, you really missed it and if you were there then you know how great is was.

No cowbells were needed.

photo by Chad Batka Awesome photos by Chad Batka

Iron Maiden fans are the bestBruce rocks


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