Pearls before swine!

The bitchPearls Before Swine.

Have you ever been a really good friend to someone only to find out years later they are not your friend. That they have no fucking idea what friendship is. Have you ever given someone the benefit of the doubt and tried to see the best in someone only to find out first hand that they really are the huge piece of crap that everyone warned you about. Everyone always talked a bunch of trash about how stupid, sleazy, shady and bad parent Dawn Machido is and I never wanted to believe it.

I never talked shit about Dawn even when she confessed to me about sleeping around with any and all. I’m still keeping her secrets about everyone she cheated with. I felt sorry for her bi-polar mental illness that made her go to strange bars and get completely drunk and black out and wake up in bed with someone that she does not know across town somewhere.

I stood by her while she had her ass beat down by every man she has ever dated for any amount of time. I got my lawyer friend to represent her for free when Eric beat her ass. I took care of her after she got her ass beat down outside the Outlaw biker bar. I went to court with her, threw her birthday parties, helped with Skyler’s parties. I had my friend Wayne come over and fix her computer more than once for free.

I did not find out what a complete white trash, lying, cheating, bad parenting, low life, scum-bag she was until I let her rent my house from my parents. I moved her into my house so Skyler would have a yard to play in instead of the street. So she would have a 3 bedroom house for 600 bucks with my nice parents for landlords. My father put in a new front door for her so that she could get her huge black couch inside the house. You see, I was expecting to move to Atlanta soon so I packed everything I wanted to keep into boxes and moved them to my front room. I helped Dawn move into the rest of my house.

We lived together in my house for two months before I moved out into a new house with Jason. This is when I got to really know Dawn and I regret not kicking her out then. Poor Skyler! I found out what a bad parent she was. I had no idea that Skyler at the age of five could not write or spell him name. This is because she never taught him anything. She never reads to Skyler before bedtime, or puts him to bed. She just lets him run wild till 11 or 12pm until he passes out on the couch or floor watching the Omen or any other horror movie. She feeds him shit food like lunchables for dinner or hot dogs and french fries. The kids lives on frozen pizza. I never saw her cook a meal or saw him eat anything nutritious. She would come home form work nuke a cheep frozen kids meal and plop him in front of the tube. Then she would hop on myspace and stay there till she goes to bed. She sleeps with her TV set blaring and keeps the TV set in Skyler’s room on all night too passing on her fucked up habits to him. Dawn overload the washing machine, never cleaned out the lent from the dryer, never cleaned any dishes or anything. She says I’m a slob.

Jason would come over and cook dinner for us and make enough to share with Dawn and Skyler. We felt sorry for Skyler and the lack of food for him in the refridgerator. We started buying food, milk, fruit and snacks. He seemed to always be hungry and he started coming to us for food because Dawn would just ignore him. Skyler was also so starved for attention that he would latch on to anyone who gave him he time of day. Chris was a godsend for Dawn and Skyler. Now she has someone to look after Skyler and Chris’s parents are perfect babysitters. Skyler already spends every weekend away with his biological fathers parents or Dawn’s mother. Poor Chris had no idea what he was getting into. The night Eric beat down Chris and Dawn, Eric called Dawn 14 times and Dawn did not tell Chris about it, so he had not clue that pissed off Eric was coming over. She left the back door unlocked! We woke up to Dawn screaming Jason, Jason, HELP!

Dawn joined the roller girls and started having parties. At the first party, she asked me and Jason if we would shop for the party and she would pay me back. Jason and I paid 120 bucks for all the food and booze. Instead of paying me back she said she would put it toward the cable bill. I never agreed to pay half or any of the cable bill because she picked the most expensive plan. She did nothing to prep for the party. Jason grilled hamburger meat, shrimp, sausage, ribs, and beef hot dogs for everyone. The derby girls showed up with Flanders patties and the cheapest hot-dogs you can buy. Naturally, everyone ate the good stuff. Later that week, feeling generous, Dawn says ” you can have some Flanders if you like”. The last month we lived together she did not purchase any food and even started hiding toilet paper! We even had a bunch of DVDs and CDs stolen out of our room.

Dawn showed her ass and had a fit when I moved out because I decided to take my blue couch and outside furniture. When I thought I was moving to Atlanta, I told her she could use the furniture in the house if she wanted or I would put it in storage. She claims I gave it to her. She does not understand the difference between “use” and “give”. The couch actually belongs to Sarah, my niece. Also, while packing my things in the kitchen I made the mistake of moving her toaster to my pile. For some reason I thought it was mine, it was late, I was tired. She made a big stink about it, wrote a note and provided evidence that it was her toaster, got drunk and tore off drunk driving when all she had to say is “hey, that’s my toaster”. All for a 12 dollar toaster? So, for her wedding I bought her the red 25 dollar toaster. She also got pissed that Jason took his ten dollar grill when we moved out.

What do I get for my years of friendship and loyalty? This bitch has the nerve to yell and scream at my 80 year old father and his carpenter because they went in while Dawn and Chris were out of town to fix the ceiling’s water stain from an old leak, the bathroom wall and some other damage to walls that Dawn blamed on me. My Dad knows what damage was mine and what was not. He thought she would be happy to have the repair done when she got back. But Dawn and Chris came home a day early so she throws a tantrum because they have “touched her stuff”. She threatens to report my Dad for being a “slum lord” and that they are not supposed to be in her house without her permission. Earth to Dawn, you rent from them, they can go inside when they want!!!!!

To top it off, when she moves out, she has the nerve to take my Mom’s china cabinet claiming that my mother gave it to her. My mother told her that she could use it or that she would put it in storage. She did not give it to her. My mother call her twice and left nice messages asking Dawn to return the china cabinet. Dawn did not return the call, so I called her and left a message asking her what was up. Once again giving her the benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe it got packed up by mistake. Dawn leaves a message on my phone saying that my mom is confused, that she is keeping the china cabinet, that the new tenant can get her own china cabinet and that my parents are “slum lords”. She sends my mother a letter saying that I stuck her with a 400.00 electric bill and the cable bill. Both are untrue. I paid my half of the monthly electric bill and it’s not my fault if she let it roll over into a double bill. As far as the cable bill goes, I had only been getting high speed internet for 50 bucks per month and did not want to split 160 bucks. Jason, not knowing that she picked the 160 package offered to help her with the cable bill thinking he would throw in 20-30 bucks. He even offered Chris the 80 bucks Dawn claimed we owed and Chris told him not to worry about it.

Not one word of thanks for letting her live in a nice house with cheep rent where she and Chris can save enough money to breed, get married and move into a bigger house.
I’ve had my fill of fake friends and white trash, Jerry Springer drama.

Fuck Dawn Machido Candy

The line has been drawn.


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