Whiff The Revolution of Scent Communication in the Infromation Age

I attended Scent World Conference and Expo this week at the Marriot Marquis in times square, NYC. The conference was fun and very informative. The top people in the scent marketing were there and we had a blast. My former boss, C. Russell Brumfield was a main speaker at the conference. He wrote the book Whiff about the revolution of scent communication in the information age. I found the research put into this field to be amazing and I’m excited about all the potential for branding and scientific applications.

Many of my former co-workers at Wizard Studios came up to work the conference and it was great to catch up with Jason, Miche, Rebecca, and James. The opening reception was on the 8th floor terrace that overlooks Times Square. Rebecca dressed up like the statue of liberty and went around telling jokes and making the men blush. They also had two actors dressed up like tourist who went around giving advice on which shows to see and Austin Powers was there with two femme-bots.

My favorite exhibitor was scentAir which had a VW bus painted with flowers and converted the windows into interactive touch screens where you could select from thier menu of scents. My favorites were the ocean and double dark chocolate.

Go here to learn more about scent marketing and order the book. Yes, the book smells good.



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