I refuse to be scared into more taxes by threats that my public services will be cut.

The problem is not lack of funds, it’s how the funds are managed. We don’t need more cops we need good cops. The school system has enough money to pay teachers better, they just choose not to. They choose to pay excessive amounts to the very top positions and sports.

If I get my way, they will all be thrown out of office with thier lobbyist, corupt connections, and selfish agendas. We need working class, honest people who know how to budget and allocate funds properly in office. Not Ivy League, Lawyers who were born with a silver spoon and have no clue what it’s like to live on 30k per year without health insurance. Those people do not know who to budget because they have never had to budget a damn thing! Deciding the size of boat to buy is different than choosing which prescription drug is the most important one of the five you need to take to survive because you can’t afford to take them all.

Oh and I don’t place teachers in the same catagorie as cops. Teachers are for the most part, good people, trying to make a positive influence in our children. Cops for the most part are, criminals with a badge. They don’t fight crime, they collect fines from the law abiding citizens. They know where the criminals are, they don’t want to confront the criminals unless they have to. They would much rather catch us speeding to work because that’s where the money is. There is no money in catching criminals, it cost the state more to jail and process them. That is why they let them deal drugs as long as they don’t kill to many people. However the more people they kill the more money the cops say they need to operate.

Until Americans are ready to remove everyone currently in charge an corrupt and replace them with people who are honest and actually care about Americans and our quality of life it will get worse. Americans have their heads stuck in the sand of entertainment, booze, pills, and talk radio shows. A ton of hot air and zero action. The entire system needs an overhaul. There is no moral high-ground to be found on either side of the Democratic and Republican party. They are both corrupt and doing a dance for our appeasement but take no real action to change the system. They don’t want to change the system because the system works for them. They view the people they represent as dumb and fickle. As long as they keep us fat, lazy, dependent on them and sedated, they will remain in power. They know they can cover up and spin their way out of anything and that the worst thing that will happen is a prison for celebrities. Then they can sell their book abut the scandal and recover.

The whole thing makes me ill.
What happened to Truth, Justice and the American way?
Will we ever be able to recover our integrity as a nation?

Thats my 2 cents,


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