People Pet Peves

I can’t stand:
People that lie all the time. (to themselves and everyone else)
Stupid people. (people who don’t value knowledge)
Self absorbed people.
People who think they are better that others and use it as an excuse to treat them poorly.
People who are nice to your face and then talk shit about you when you turn your back.
People who pretend to be your friend and act concerned so that they can tell everybody everything you confided in them.
Whores that pretend to be your friend so they can get closer to your boyfriend and try to sleep with him.
Boyfriends who sleep with your whore girlfriends! HA!!!
Girlfriends who tell you how bad your boyfriend sucks and how much you should dump them and then when you dump him, they are the first to hop on him.
People who take for granted the love you give them because they think the grass is greener somewhere else… And the grass may be dead where they are, but it’s because they pissed all over it!
Gay guys that deny being gay and date straight girls.
People who think that taking care of themselves means using everyone around them and taking advantage of those who really love them.
People who waste their talents.
People who are closed minded.
People who are looking for a free ride.
People with a victim’s mentality who don’t take responsibility for the choices they made.
People who are dirty slobs, and litter.
People who abuse animals, children, the environment.
People who are in America who are not leagle who drive working class wages down and don’t bother to learn English and dare fly the flag from the country they are from over the American flag. If their country is so great, then why did they have to leave? Go back where you came from.
People who are racist.
People who are ghettofaboulious and sag their pants down so low that I have to see there underwear or butt and they have to waddle and hold their crotch to keep them up.
People who speak Ebonics and expect to be taken seriously.

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