Concerning the Pickens Plan : Follow the Money

Concerning the Pickens Plan


I’m really glad to see some republicans wake up about our dependence on Middle East oil. But what I would like to know is what Mr. Pickens has been doing for the past 30 years?

Seriously, Ralph Nader and other “liberals” have been singing this song for 30 YEARS.

Our first big crisis was when I was a kid, in the 70s. We knew then that dependency was a problem and alternatives needed to be found. But our government suppressed and fought against technology that is more energy efficient. GM and the oil companies launched a campaign to encourage Americans to buy huge cars. They still talk crap about environmentalist concerned with global warming.

Mr. Pickens is an oil man who helped dig the hole we are in now. He was one of the largest contributors to the Bush campaign. The Bush family has sold us down the river in the interest of themselves and their oil buddies. They don’t care about our civil liberties. They use terrorism as an excuse to spy on our own citizens. Did you know that after the 911 Attack, the FBI flew around to pick up the Bin Laden family members in America and flew them home? Why wouldn’t they hold his entire family as collateral so he would turn himself in?

We know where Bin Laden’s family is, Bush has been to Ben Laden old home before when they were oil buddies. Listen to this article about the Bin Laden family history.

Mr. Pickens has obviously found a way to make money with other sources and that’s great and it’s about time. I don’t think nuclear is the way to go, I think switching back to local economies and sustainable living being more conservative of our resources and footprints is the answer. However, unless he got a visit from the grim reaper and has had a spiritual enlightenment I doubt his motives are for more then money. The truth is now that we have sold the Middle East a ton of weapons that they now want to use on us, they are too expensive to control as we did in the past.

The status quo must GO!!!!! None of the people in charge are on our side.

What really upsets me is that my parents generation or conservatives have been so mislead by their leaders. My parents believe in less government, state’s rights, lower taxes,  personal responsibility, truth, justice, and liberty for all, they fought for and sacrificed for these beliefs. Their mistake was believing that the Republican party stood for those beliefs. Oh, I know they say they do, but if you look at what they have done it’s a different story. The belong to the John Birch Society but we are now more like a communist country every day.

About the whole John Kerry Swift boat controversy that Mr. Picket helped fund to discredit Kerry, how can you compare Bush’s ZERO military experience and Cheney’s five draft deferments to Kerry’s war record? Just like Kerry is a REAL veteran and a REAL Christian, Bush and his cabinet are fake. Bush will get his in hell, unfortunately, not before he makes hell on earth. However, Bush is really just a pawn used by his corrupt administration, like Dick Cheney, Carl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Robert Gates, etc.

If this video does not piss you off, I don’t know what will.
The Amero
One bank, One army, One world

The illegal immigrant problem is huge. The working blue collar class is getting squeezed from both sides. The illegal immigrants are driving wages down because they will take less, work under the table and not complain because they don’t want to be turned into the INS. Huge corporate layoffs are pushing the white collar workers into the blue collar arena.

It would be great if we the people would rise up together and demand that we take care of all Americans first.


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