Well what has the so called Christian President done for us? Jack shit. Personally I think that everyone currently in power is to blame because they are the ones benefiting from or corrupt system. Follow the money.

Why would they want to change a system that works for them? And that’s why it’s not going to change no matter what any of the candidates say. It’s all hot air. They are all on the same team. Inter mural sports for our entertainment and false sense of democracy and representation. We the people have no power. We have already lost our liberty.

As long as they keep us fat, sedated and dependent on them nothing will change. This administration is doing all it can to eliminate all checks and balances.

So continue to forward the scare tactics and propaganda to everyone but really what have you accomplished? If any of our forefathers were alive today, they would be labeled and jailed as terrorist.

Draft the Bush twins. Draft the rich kids and then see who gets upset.


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