Sick of It All, Bloodclot, H20, and Last Call Brawl


I went to see Sick of It All, Bloodclot, H20, and Last Call Brawl with Jason and our new friend Brian last night in Farmingdale, Long Island and had a blast! I took us an hour and a half to drive there from Bayonne. The best was when we walked in the doors I saw John Joseph walking towards me and so I said hello and introduced myself and told him how much I liked his book. He was super nice and shook my hand and gave me a hug. That’s when Jason realized that I was not behind him and came over.

Jason and John shook hands and Jason told him how his book made him laugh and cry and that he was a long time Cro-Mags fan. They hit it off and after talking a bit about the new Bloodclot record John handed Jason an All Access Pass to the show which meant that we could go downstairs and out back with the bands. We were able to pass out a bunch of NYHC 4 LIFE business cards and talk to all the bands.

The first band was Last Call Brawl and they had Greg from Razorblade Handgrenade filling in for their guitar player. The Bloodclot set was awesome, H2O had everyone moving and Sick Of It All topped it all off. Although, I think by the time Sick of it All played everyone had spent all of their Sunday reserve energy. I know I was tired and dreading work in the morning. Lou kept asking everyone to sing along and move but the crowds energy level really faded away towards the end.

We left on the last song and I drove us back, made the mistake of listening to the GPS which took us in circles in Brooklyn. I finally found my way on to the Brooklyn bridge, into the Holland tunnel and all the way back to Bayonne, NJ! I really regret not having a camera.


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