The Smile Project by Bren Bataclan

I was lucky enough to catch the artist in the act of spreading smiles in NYC by leaving his paintings all around the city. As I was coming down the escalator at the Port Authority I saw a man with a bag of small paintings. He leaned one against the wall and stood back and took a photo of it with his iphone. Since I have not learned not to talk to strangers, I asked him what he was doing. He told me about his “Smile Project” and said I could have the painting. So I gave him some of my artwork and told him that I too was an artist. He took a photo of me holding his painting and showed me his website on his iphone. Bren is super nice and cool.

Each painting is of a smiling cartoon character with a dome shaped head, one large round eye, one small round eye, two antennas and a big grin. The note attached to the painting says “this painting is yours if you promise to smile at random people more often”. Go to Bren Bataclan’s website to see his “Smile Project” across the world. He has been all over spreading cheer! SMILE NYC! 09-09-08


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