How to raise America’s lowest common denominator.

Mandating two years military service for everyone will solve many of the problems our society faces today. It would provide life skills, job training, and civic pride that are not possible in the public school setting.  Mandating service is a way to break through the class divide and provide each citizen with the same knowledge and opportunity in life. Israel, Turkey and other countries mandate service.

The US Army takes people from all walks of life, rich and poor, male and female and forms them into a cohesive team.  The US Army has perfected their systems and proven their techniques to be effective. Only slight modifications will be necessary to accommodate people who are normally rejected by the military due to health reasons.  These “special needs” troops would have less strenuous physical training and would never be placed in combat roles.  The Army already sorts people into different roles based on their individual skills level.

People are taken out of their home environments, away from their family and friends influence and forced to live in a new way with complete strangers.  They are broken down and then built back up.  Their sergeant becomes their new mom. They are taught how to properly groom themselves, how to clean up after themselves, how to dress and present themselves, how to speak clearly, how to respect authority, how to eat healthy, how to think under pressure, how to follow instructions, what it means to trust and be relied upon by your team, and American history.

People are free to “pursue happiness” once they are discharged. They can go to college with the G.I. Bill or use their experience and job skills to find work.  They will have had medical care and should be in top physical condition.

The extra troops can be used to improve our domestic problems like repairing our infrastructure, build affordable housing, clean up natural disasters, and community outreach.

This system would lower incarceration rates, break the poverty cycle and public assistance dependency because it would produce independent citizens with options.

Public schools fail because the students live at home with their parents and neighbor’s who teach them what they were taught which reinforces the class divide.  Even the schoolteachers are products of their environment and push their own belief systems, which are based on religious, cultural and racial preferences.

The Army is not perfect but it is one of the only places where we attempt to create an environment where all people are treated as equals. Rich, poor, tall, short, male, female, black, white, yellow, brown, are placed at the starting line and given the same basic information and rules to the game. Sure, you will still have those who choose to fight the system or are disadvantaged due to their upbringing or health, but after two years of training I argue that they will be better off than if they went into our current solution for them, prison.


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