Need Extra Cash? Check out our “Referral Program”

The company I work for has a “referral program” I think you might like.

I’m working in NYC for a financial, insurance and web hosting company called Newtek Business Services. We have a “Biz Exec” program where people who deal with or sell to business owners can send us referrals and then get a referral fee when the  referral closes. We have a tracking system set up so you can login and track the status of the referral. We get referrals from Financial Advisers, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies and now, anyone. Registration is free.

The products with the best return are Merchant Processing and Web Hosting. You can also “white label” our hosting and combined with merchant processing, you can get a revenue share per transaction! Seriously, check this out! We offer business loans, insurance, payroll, merchant processing, cash advance, accounts receivable financing, web hosting, web design, and data storage.

You can get more details here.

Let me know if you would like more info.


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