Picasso Portriats at Cipriani Wall Street

Friday night I drew “Picasso Portraits” for four hours. The worlds largest law firm, had their annual party at Ciprani Wall Street and I was working for Wizard Studios NYC, the event company. The theme of the party was Art. In each corner of the ballroom they had an artist drawing portraits in different styles. Nancy drew with conte crayon, Steve used charcoal, another used watercolors and I used paint markers. Between the artist on both ends was a live statue. The main stage had a 9H x16W back lit screen with shadow dancers. Upstairs had an artist drawing in sand on an overhead projector so everyone can see. The tables and chairs were made of white Lucite with colored lights inside.

The food was awesome. They had steak tartar, sushi, asparagus, artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes and mosserella, cavair, and a ton of great cakes and pies.

This is a pic of the venue, click here to see photos from our party from Nancy!


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