Don’t vote for McCant!

We are tired of Uncle Scam’s corporate welfare, Big Oil agenda, S-n-L Fraud, Wall Street Fat Cat lobbyist, deregulation of investment banks, Insurance company tricks, Education and Arts non-funding, Arrogant Rovian tactics, Hypocritical Rush Limbaugh rants, No Family values having, Fake Christian posing Bull. STATUS QUO MUST GO! You have to FOLLOW THE MONEY to get at the TRUTH!

Wall street and Uncle Scam have been in bed together for too long! We have let these bozos take advantage of our ignorance and apathetic attitudes for too long!!!! Republicans had their chance to do the right thing but they screwed the pooch.  They don’t care about you, your jobs, your family, your rights, your land or this nation. All they care about is money. We have to get rid of them all and force them to represent our wishes.

We wont have true representation of the people until we change the system and remove the ability to buy influence. We have never been a democracy. We have always restricted voting and participation in the system with money. If you did not own property or you were black, a felon or female, you could not vote. Once every citizen gained the right to vote they have relied on ignorance, apathy and misinformation to keep voting down and maintain their power. You have been sedated and made fat for a reason, CONTROL!  They use entertainment and religion to keep you talking but not acting.

Democrats are Socialist?

Bush NATIONALIZED our Banks in the Bailout! (Sounds socialistic to me! God forbid we socialize medicine and help the working class, but helping the banks, and the fat cats that failed and crooks, that’s OK!) It’s our CORPORATE WELFARE that is killing is, not WIC. (Seriously, do the math, look at the actual budget.) We pay more and get less for healthcare. (They have had plenty of time to do the right thing and choose not to.) There is no such thing as “FREE TRADE”. Our government’s tax policy controls trade. We have welfare at the top and bottom and now the middle has lost it’s credit which allowed them the room to feel somewhat capitalistic! Seriously, just paint the capital red cause we are now communist.

Bush’s admin made it legal for our intelligence to monitor (spy on) citizens without a warrant. He supports torture. Sounds communist to me! We won’t do biz with Cuba because it’s communist but China has our highest trade ranking even though they VIOLATE basic human rights and FORCE ABORTIONS every day?

Bush is a LIAR and he should be hung as communist traitor alongside Cheney, Carl Rove and the rest of the Bush administration!  Bush is part of the “BIG OIL” legacy of people who have been trading with TERRORIST MUSLIM countries for the past thirty years!!!!!!! All in the interest of money. They are the ones that don’t care about America or our freedom. I’m glad that Pickens has finally seen the light as he stares down the grim reaper and worry’s about his great grand children’s future but he along with the rest of his oil buddies got us into this mess.

Bush told everyone to “go shopping” after 9-11. Our FBI flew around the country on 9-11 picking up the Bin Laden family and safely delivered them back to Saudi Arabia. Why didn’t we hold them until we get Osama? Because we are in bed together! Before 9-11 RALPH NADER pushed for more physical protection to be built into commercial planes to make it harder to get to the pilots and hijack the plane. But this regulation was not passed.

RALPH NADER said we should eliminate our dependancy on foreign oil 30 years ago. Our government fought this and encouraged Americans to buy huge gas guzzlers and helped GM make them. They suppressed and destroyed alternative technologies all because BIG OIL was in charge. Dependency on foreign oil would not even be a problem today had listened to those “tree hugging hippies” back then. How many lives have been lost on both sides so you can drive your SUV? Now GM wants the taxpayers to pay (rescue plan) for changing their factories so they can make fuel efficient cars!!!!!!!

ECONOMY… There is nothing “conservative” about our “fiscal” policies.

Phil Gram (McCain’s finance advisor) passed the deregulation that made it possible for our investment banks to participate in CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS to the tune of $62 TRILLION dollars!!!!!!!! This is what made the investment banks fail, they bet that the housing market would not fail. They removed the responsibility away from the lender and placed it on us through federal insurance. They were wrong and they still get paid, vacation like rock stars and taxpayers are forced to pay the bill. IT”S TOTAL CRAP! There is no way to spin this one better. Now we are all suffering.

What about our Military Spending and waste!

Hypocritical BS.

Since when is it “Christian” to destroy the earth, kill, lie, and worship money?
McCain was part of the Keating FIVE, SNL crisis in the 80’s. He is friends with one of the biggest con artist ever.
The Bush administration has not done anything to correct our immigration problem. We deport the good ones and keep the law breakers.

The good news is that now that so many have awakened to our problems there is a chance that people will stay involved past the election to ensure that changes are made to fix the system. Until we remove the ability to purchase policy, we will not have true representation.

Don’t vote for McCant!


2 responses to “Don’t vote for McCant!

  1. Obama is nothing but a welfare worker .I fact the money will never go to the less than better off. It will just go to a slush fund that they will put in the hands of his bully buddys Acorn. There is no way to do what he wants. We as Americans give and run so many places that use donations. We have groups that do good work and This man is only out to control the country . We have a system the is a set check and balance . We dont need Big Brother doing it for us. The democrats have had the house for 2 years that is when the bottom started to fall out. He has too many unanswered questions for me. I do know you dont raise taxes when you have a weak dollar. You cut both taxes and spending. This will give you the buying power so goods are bought so the retailer pays taxes the wholesalers pays taxes the both make more money and hire more so it grows the economy. So think is it better to raise or lower. I was taught you work hard you save you grow. There are no free rides and the US Gov is not a cash cow.

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