2008 Recap :: The Good, the bad, and the ugly

2008 will go down in history for many good, bad and ugly events.


This is a list of some of the good things that happened this year.

  • My great niece Baleigh was born in January to Steven and Jennifer
  • In March I grew a year younger
  • I got a bonus and did not get downsized
  • I went to my Uncle’s funeral in Mississippi with my parents and sister Deanne and got to meet many family members for the first time and reconnect
  • Iggy Pop starred in the major blockbuster Beverly Hills Chihuahua (jk)
  • Jason went to school and got his NJ Pest Control License
  • Jason got back on with Bug Doctor
  • Our van is running well
  • We launched a successful music social networking website
  • Trisha, Wayne, and I got the Nutrition & Fitness For Life website project off the ground
  • Rhonda, Trisha and I got the Clifton Organic Garden off the ground
  • Trisha, Rhonda, Angie and I helped the Reed Educational Campus
  • I reconnected with old coworker friends from Wizard Studios at the Scent Marketing Conference (Russell, Miche, Rebecca, James, and Jason)
  • We moved to a better apartment with the help of some good friends and great family (Sarah, Leigh, John, Brian, and Rich)
  • Sarah came to help me move
  • Beverly lost weight and Laura made straight A’s
  • I painted “Picasso portraits” for an art party
  • The Irwins (Rick, Darah, and Nolan) came to visit NYC
  • Nolan made straight A’s
  • Sarah is back in Jax
  • Molly had her second healthy baby
  • Edith had her third healthy baby
  • Jennifer is pregnant with her second baby
  • Barry’s kids are all doing well, the youngest being super jocks
  • Madelene had three dates for three proms
  • Lee is in college and working for Barry
  • Kim likes subbing
  • Dawn M. is gone from our lives
  • Gretchen came to visit NYC
  • Trisha and George came to visit NYC
  • Rhonda came to visit NYC
  • I went with my coworkers to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • I had a great art show in October at TenEleven on the LES
  • I went to my father’s 80th birthday party at my brothers house
  • Obama won the election
  • I went to the Adobe Max Conference in SF and got to visit eMber and Anna, tour the new arts and science museum, go shopping on Haight street, drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, stay near the Bay Bridge, rock out with the Misfits and the Tall Black Girls, eat my favorite thai coconut soup and learn some new software tricks
  • John Baumann gave us his killer pin striping art work
  • Jimmy G gave us an original Simko print at the 4th of July party
  • John Joseph wrote an awesome bio that I read and then had the pleasure of meeting him
  • I worked the WebGrrls table at the Future of the Web Conference
  • I found an alternate route to work avoiding zombie land, Journal Square
  • I found an original smile project painting by Bren Bataclan
  • Britney Spears started wearing underwear


At this time I have to urge to list the bad and the ugly, I hope that my “Orwellian Nightmare” is coming to an end.


3 responses to “2008 Recap :: The Good, the bad, and the ugly

  1. Hey Brenda, what an inspiring list you created. I want to make one for my blog now.

    I have to admit though. I’m surprized to see you put Obama’s picture up, the last time we spoke you told me if he were elected he would be just like all the other presidents. I didn’t think you shared in my admiration for him at all. I hope that the Obama picture is a sign that your point of view has changed. Gotta go work on my list, love you!

  2. Wow Brenda!!!! What an amazing year it has been for you. Your list reminds me to focus on the positive. I sure wish that my name was listed as one who got to come up to NYC for a visit. Hopefully next year when it’s warm, of course!

    Love and miss you!!!!


  3. Yes HOPE has sprung anew in this jaded cold heart of mine. HOPE that the people who elected Obama will continue to stay course and insure that CHANGE for the better does happen.

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