Abortion:: The Scarlet Letter

Read blog and watch the video by Daniel Florien:

How to Stump Anti-Abortionists With One Question

The post is great and here is my comment about it.

Here’s another question. Why, in the past 35 years, have all the “Christian” lawyers NOT been able to make the ADOPTION process easy or free? It is considered unethical for a mother to receive money for her child but it’s OK for the lawyer to make thousands of dollars for his services. Seems like “Christian” lawyers would provide their services for FREE or the church could compensate them for their time. Why shouldn’t the mother be able to profit for providing life? Why isn’t the mother’s life valuable?

All the “Pro Life” movement cares about is the unborn. They don’t support public assistance or about their quality of life. They don’t support sex education or birth control. They should put down the signs and adopt or foster a few unwanted children.

If they really cared about reducing the number of abortions they would make the adoption process free for anyone needing to put their child up for adoption. They would support programs that are designed to educate girls and boys about sex and how not to get pregnant or pass disease. Ignorance and abstinence does not work or we would not be having unwanted pregnancies.

The urge to have sex is natural and it feels good and that is why people have sex. You have to be taught to restrain yourself and proper social behavior. If you were not raised in a Christian home then you may not be taught to abstain from sex until marriage. And even if you were raised that way, it takes a ton of personal commitment and prayer to resist the natural urge. So why would the Pro Life movement be against Planned Parenthood? Planned Parenthood’s sole mission is to educate and protect people from the dangers of unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancies.

Oh and why do they support policy makers that support our “most favored nation” trade status with CHINA? China is a communist country that still FORCES ABORTIONS? China forces abortions and violates human rights every day. But I don’t see the Pro Life movement protesting them. You should smash everything you buy from China and boycott them until they improve their human rights violations.


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