Live Nation Customer Service

Live Nation Customer Service

Live Nation is the worst option for tickets. They actually stole $115.55 and got away with it. Don’t let it happen to you. Buy your tickets the old school way, in person, at the box office. Here’s the story.

In September I went to Live Nation’s website and purchased with my boyfriend’s credit card, four tickets to see Danzig. We planned to take his buddy Justin and Justin’s girlfriend to the show to celebrate Justin’s birthday. I made the mistake of choosing regular mail for delivery of the tickets. The tickets did not arrive and so the day before the show I called to make arrangements to pick them up at the Roseland Ballroom box office. I also informed the lady that we, Jason and Myself, were not able to go to the show due to our work schedule and would like for our friend Justin to pick them up. I specifically asked her if Jason the card owner would need to be present to get the tickets. He could have met Justin at the box office, picked up the tickets and then came home. The lady said that Justin could pick up the tickets and that all he needed was his ID, the order number and the last four numbers of the credit card. So I gave her Justin’s full name and was happy that he was going to be able to bring his little brother and another friend to this awesome concert.

To our dismay, we learn that the Roseland Ballroom box office would not give the tickets to Justin even though he had his ID, the order number, and the credit card numbers. Justin said that the two girls working the Roseland Ballroom box office were drunk and rude to him and he had to purchase his own tickets. Nice birthday surprise!

So the next morning I call Live Nation’s customer service and ask to speak to their manager. I speak to Bill and he says he is sorry and will look into it and give me a call the next day, which was Friday. I received no call from Bill. The tickets arrived in the mail and I noticed that the name on the ticket was wrong. It said Jason Kato. Jason’s last name is Irwin. That’s strange. The following Friday I called again and spoke with Bill who informed me that he looked into the problem and that they did not give Justin the tickets on the night of the concert because they were held for suspicion of credit card fraud. He said that the name on the tickets did not match the name we gave them on the phone. I countered that my last name is Kato and that the auto completion in my browser must have helped me make the mistake on the form and that I should have caught it when I got the receipt (see below) but that having the wrong name did not stop them form charging Jason’s account $115 or mailing the tickets too late with the wrong name. Bill said that their was too may names associated with the tickets to give Justin the tickets at the box office and he had talked to the Roseland Ballroom box office and that they were not going to refund the tickets. I asked why I was not told this when I called to make arrangements to pick up the tickets and specifically asked if Jason would need to be their in person with his credit card. Bill said that the customer service representative must not have know at that time that there was a problem with the tickets. B.S. I told him that Live Nation are the ones who should be charged with credit card fraud. I told him that if they were willing to charge Jason’s card with the wrong last name and mail the tickets that they should be ok with giving the tickets to Justin at the box office and that they are in the wrong. Then he said that he could no longer talk to me about it because I was not the card holder and that he could only speak to the card holder about it.

Jason called Bill and Bill gave him the same runaround about credit card fraud. Jason not wanting to fight on the phone hung up. We have disputed the charge with Visa and are waiting to hear from Visa.

Bottom line, Live Nation is shady, mismanaged, and unreliable. Roseland Ballroom is not much better, I tried to talk to their box office manager about the rude and drunk girls working that night. Someone claiming to be the assistant manager took a message and said that the manager would call me back. No call to date. Nice management. Total losers across the board!!!!!!!

One thing about screwing me over is that since I’m a web designer and SEO specialist, I can get the word out about how bad a company is. Live Nation and Roseland Ballroom have been added to the long list of shady, corrupt poorly managed customer service companies out there.


Live Nation will rip you off!

Live Nation will rip you off!

Please feel free to post your own bad experiences with Live Nation here on this blog, but the best place to post is a great website called The Consumerist.

Here are two links to stories about Ticketmaster who is also a known scam artist!

This is about how the Boss has taken action against Ticketmaster!

This is how NoDoubt have protected their fans.

Buy your tickets in person or through your bands website directly.


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  1. Gobsmacked! I’m really startled that this keeps going on in this day and age. I was happy in the fact I was not running. The Owners have asked what will happen now?! I will keep track of what is happening .

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