Open House at Fog Creek with Joel Spolsky

Dan an I had the pleasure of going to the open house at Fog Creek and meeting Joel Spolsky. Their office space, people and culture seem to be everything Joel boast of in his blog. Joel on Software is one of the most read development blogs out there. Dan introduced me to the blog about a year ago and I find it to be very useful and entertaining. Having seen first hand how cool it really is makes it hard to come back to my cube at the very conservative company I work for. Coming from the South and having to develop websites and applications for “Boss Hog”, I really dig cutting edge vibe. How great would it be to work with happy, smart and cool people? It’s why I moved to New York.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Dan, one of their developers and a few other very friendly and outgoing people. The food was great. They had huge party subs, chips, chicken fingers, chocolate covered strawberry’s, brownies, macaroni and cheese, all kinds of drinks and really good coffee. They told me where the dude was from that was making the lattes but I can’t remember now. He does the trick of making the milk foam into a pattern of a fern. Very nice.  Just can’t beat free lunch, super cool people and a great view. Check out Joel’s blog for photos of the office. The photos below were taken with Dan’s camera phone. I really need to buy a camera.

They make FogBugz, a bug tracking system that actually works and can be used to manage everything your development team does, from bug tracking to customer email to feature management to project scheduling and so much more. Free online trial.

They also make Fog Creek Copilot, which lets you control someone else’s computer (with their permission, of course) over the Internet. It’s the best way to fix someone’s computer problems remotely. There’s nothing to install, it’s simple as heck, and it works through any kind of firewall, NAT, or proxy situation with zero configuration. More

Joel also has a weekly podcast with Jeff Atwood and they chat about software development and the new developer Q&A website we built,

Dan, Joel, and Brenda

Fog Creek :: Dan, Joel, and Brenda

Brenda Kato at Fog Creek

Brenda Kato at Fog Creek


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