Iggy Pop is dead 2000 to 2/3/09

This is the worst night of my life since Rat Dog died. Iggy Pop was bitten by a great dane Tuesday. Sarah discovered him wounded under her bed around 4pm and rushed him the the vet hospital. She says he was in good spirits, and did not seem to be in pain. She did not realize the extent of the damage because he is so harry. But Iggy did not survive due to massive internal bleeding!!!!!! She called me around 12 midnight. I’ve been crying and puking and I can barely see to write this. I can’t believe this is real. Please let me wake up form this scary nightmare.

My poor Iggy Pop, the love of my life is gone forever. I will never get to see my mud skipper again. Iggy was the coolest dog in the world and he never did anything wrong to anyone. He was pure goodness and sweetness. I’ll never get over this. He did not deserve to go out like this. He was supposed to die of old age!!!! He was only eight years old. I can’t stand that I was not there with him.

He was staying with Sarah for the winter in Florida and  he was supposed to come back to me on the 19th of  Feburary because I missed him too much. Trisha and George were going to bring him up to me.

Iggy would do anything for cheese. He would do tricks like hop around in a circle, jump, speak, and do a bad version of rolling over and playing dead. Iggy was loved by all who met him. Everyone wanted to steel him for their own. He loved everyone he came across. He had the most high pitch bark in the world. He never understood the people in NJ and NYC that did not want to pet him.

I rescued Iggy in 2001 from some looser guy who had a bunch of small children and lived nest to my good friends Jim and Julie. Julie called me and asked if I would come take a look at this puppy that needed a home before the loosers took him to the pound. Iggy spent the first 9 months of his life locked up in a closet and he had no training, he was super skinny, blond and very hyper. This is why I named him Iggy Pop.

John Kato and I had Rat Dog and  Iggy loved him some Ratty. We had to teach him the fie art of chill and how to snuggle. Sarah taught him all the cool tricks for treats. He spent a lot of time with Jason Wright curled up beside him while Jason played video games. Jason taught him to make his famous crazy face and growl.  He loved to run down the street to the parking lot of the warehouses near my house. He loved to roll in anything that smelled like rotten lizard or dead frog.  He was never into fetching but he loved to chew. He was more cat than dog. He would go to the door to let you know when he needed to go out. He loved to bask in the sun. He hated water and taking baths.

Iggy was a survivor. He was run over on Roosevelt highway by following Oxe who did not realize he was following him. Luckly, he was not hit by a tire, just tumbled about. Then he was attacked and bitten by a pitt bull while Sarah was walking him. Then we were attacked by my sister’s pitt bull while we were at the lake and he was badly woulded. I’ve been having nightmares about big dogs attacking him since then. It took him three months to recover from the last attack and you could still feel his scar tissue. But he never let on unless he thought you were going to pick him up the wrong way. He would let out a warning yelp.

He was super smart, he understood English and I asked Sarah to teach him sign language so he could learn to speak. I was convensed he could write a book about his adventures. He remembered people.  He loved to ride in the car and sit in my lap and put his head out the window. He was best buddies with Zorro, my sisters min pin. They would often sleep together.

He had many nick names. Muddy Mud Skipper, Skipperroones, Ignatious, Skip, and  Iggster.

He had the most beautiful face and the kindest, all knowing, wise eyes. He had the best tuft of hair that was like a Mohawk and a fu manchu. This tuft of hair was called his fishing lure by Jason Irwin. Iggy loved to take naps  and go to bead early with Jason Irwin. He loved his morning and evening walks with me unless it was cold. He let me dress him up in Halloween costumes and dye his Mohawk green. He demanded your attention when you walked in the door. Always greeting you and pulling ollies.

It’s 3:09AM and I can’t sleep. I’m going to go lay down and try. I’ll let you know about the memorial service.


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