Gawker Artist Art Show for LJ Lindhurst

This past Thursday I went to an art opening for LJ Lindhurst at the Gawker office in NYC. LJ is an awesome artist and very sweet lady. We hit it off and I hope to hang with her again. LJ paints every day items up close and with attention to their reflective surface. She paints with acrylic paint but it looks like oil. some of her blends are so smooth they look like airbrush. Her technique is impressive.

I also hit it off with her best friend and she works for Chuck Close Terry Gross of Fresh Air interviewed Chuck last year and he gave details about his process and insight to his methods that I found interesting so I talked to her about that I learned from the interview.

I went to the show alone. I was invited because I’m in the Gawker Artist banner exhibition program. This is their fourth show at the Gawker offices in Nolita NYC . The office space is beautiful and the show looked great.

I had the pleasure of meeting the curator Liz Dimmet . She is in charge of the Gawker Artist project and a super nice lady. She said that she will be putting together a group show and I hope to be included.

It was an amazing night because I felt like I was finally geting to meet some good people in the NYC art scene.


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