Women Bullying Women at Work

Hello Webgrrls,

I just read an article in the NY Times about a Women Bullying Women at Work.
According to a survey done by Workplace Bullying Institute a good 40 percent
of bullies are women. And at least the male bullies take an egalitarian
approach, mowing down men and women pretty much in equal measure. The women
appear to prefer their own kind, choosing other women as targets more than
70 percent of the time.


I wonder whether you all agree or disagree with these findings.  What have
been your experiences with bullies in the workplace and especially from

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My response:Unfortunately, I would have to agree with the study.

Six out of eight women that I have worked for have been under qualified for their position which made them insecure and very threatened by my knowledge, experience and skill set. This made them either take credit for my work as their own or resort to personal attacks to try and discredit me because they could not tarnish my work product or results.  These undermining tactics largely failed and they were all eventually fired or demoted but not before causing much unnecessary drama and damage to the company.

We spend so much of our life working, I don’t understand people who like creating drama and have power trips at work. I like working with people who value a professional, ethical, team player, creative environment as well as the bottom line.

Can we ask our members if anyone is working in a good environment where they feel they are managed well?


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