Arizona Tea Water

I’m glad Nestle found a good use for all the bad, as in very weak and bad tasting, batches of tea they made!

I however, wont be fooled again. I ran into the store thirsty and wanting some green tea and mistakenly grabbed the new tea product! It tasted terrible.

My coworker said “oh I guess it’s tea flavored water” to which I responded, “what the bleep do you think tea is? Flavored water!!!!!” Except it’s supposed to be a certain strength!!!  I know this has to irritate other tea lovers out there although I guess the tea snobs would never drink a cold tea from a bottle or Arizona tea anyway. So, my guess is that some marketing genius out there is trying to be like the post-it dude who re purposed the weak glue… and came up with tea water idea!! But this time its a miss with me. YUCK!!!!!!!

AriZona-Nestle-Partnership-Yields-RTD-Tea-Water >>

This is a shady idea and worst tasting product!!!

This is a shady idea and worst tasting product!!!

I thought I’d add that my favorite cold green tea in a bottle is Oi Ocha, Japan’s #1 Green Tea. It is unsweetened and no bad chemicals. If you need it to be sewwt, just add stevia or the sewwtner of your choice. I have learned to drink good quality tea without any sugar or sweeter and it taste very good and refreshing to me.  My personal theory is that we all have trouble consuming the proper amount of water and so we humans have developed ways to make drinking water better. The most simple being water with lemon. Then came tea. Tea leaves steeped in hot water and then cooled and sometimes sweetened. It’s not that complicated. So my advise is to support the tea makers that don’t pollute you while your trying to do something good for yourself. I’m just saying!!! So keep tea, tea, and flavored water, flavored water but not tea flavored water because it’s stupid and taste like crap.

Oi Ocha!!The good stuff!!!


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