Pantone color conversion tools

I was designing some icons for a mobile devise and the client gave me PMS 1495 CVU for their red. I was stuck without my handy Pantone Color Guide to convert the PMS number to RGB for the web. I tried to find the swatch in Illustrator with no luck, I got 149 but not 1495. If you can find the color in Illustrator you can click the process button on the color pallet and it will convert to the the CMYK version of the color. So at midnight, I emailed some of my best designer friends for help. Hopefully, one of them would have their guide and could give me the numbers. The first response was from my friend Gary, who had searched and found that FSU logo guide online also used PMS 1495 CVU and listed the CMYK values. Great! Project done and I get to go to sleep. 🙂
The next morning I got more responses and I thought they were very valuable and worth sharing  here on my blog. Thanks Linda!
This page is for conversion to RGB and it says the RGB is Hex #A80C35 or RGB 168, 12, 53.
This page is for conversion to CMYK, and it says that 1945 = CMYK: 6, 100, 52, 30 (doesn’t match visually the color swatch for RGB above).
And this is about the suffixes for the Pantone colors and basically says that the suffix does not make a difference except to the printer:
Linda did a test in Photoshop for me.  She took Pantone 1945 and changed it to RGB and got 170, 17, 63 as a result.
Visually this matches the Pantone exactly in Photoshop. Hope something here helps. Below is her test.
Linda also found some free software for Pantone conversion: 

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