Nightmare commute home on 99s Coach USA from Port Authority

Saturday morning, August 22nd my commute home was complete nightmare and the worst bus service I have ever experienced. Around 3:45am I purchased a ticket to Jersey City and went upstairs to Gate 304 to wait for the bus. At 4:00am no number 10 or 99s buses arrived. I waited with about ten other passengers until 6:00am and then we all relocated to Gate 114 for the scheduled 6:10 bus that did not come.  The 6:40 bus came and broke down at the gate. Soon after, another number 10 bus arrived, we thought, to replace the broken down bus. The bus driver got off, used the restroom and got back in her bus and left us taking no passengers. She was rude and did not give us any explanation. This is when we found the complaint number and started calling. I spoke to Tony who provided no solution and hung up on me four times. No replacement bus was sent. The next working bus arrived one hour and twenty minuets later at 8:00am.  Now we have been waiting for FOUR hours.

Needless to say, we are very upset that it has taken so long and that the bus drivers do not seem to care and are rude. The bus drivers hid their badges so we could not get their names or numbers. My bus driver was a white male with white hair in his 60s.  The female bus driver was a very short, Latino with long curly black hair in her 30s.

To make matters worse, the bus driver would not take my ticket. He said that it was no good and that I had to pay $4.00.  I showed him the ticket where it says that I paid $3.40 and told him that I would pay the difference of .60 cents but that, at this point, the fare should be waved to make up for such bad service. He snatched the ticket from my hand, tore it up and threw it on the ground. He said I had to pay or get off the bus. I said that there was no way I was gong to pay twice for such bad service. He said I had to pay or he was calling the cops. I told him to drive me home or call the cops. I would gladly explain the cops this outrageous, and unacceptable rude service. So, I paid .60 cents and he drove us home.

Monday morning I was finally able to get someone at the complaint number to give me the complaint address and fax.

Coach USA recetly have reduced their service from Manhattan to Bayonne to once an hour after peak time. This results in over crowding of the bus, which is not safe or comfortable.  We pay $4.00 one way and deserve quality, safe, courteous service like their phone’s hold message claims to provide.


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