Rush limbaugh hospitalized

I used to want bad things to happen to Rush before I realized that he is just a pawn or an actor PAID to help create the illusion of freedom for Americans.  Just like Michael Moore and our network news. Maybe Rush has let out too many secrets of late and they are trying to take him out and replace him with a more controllable person. Maybe he is just falling victim to his unhealthy lifestyle.  The ruling class want to keep us fat, sedated and ignorant. They bate and trap us with entertainment, drugs, booze, unhealthy food and debt. We are already imprisoned without recourse. Taxation with out representation. Supporting the two party system is like watching inter-mural sports, they all go to the same school and you don’t go to the school. Reminds me of the old Bugs bunny cartoon where they show the sheep and the wolves both clocking in at the same tree before going to work. I votes for Obama because I wanted to believe along with everyone else that we the people had some voice and some control of our government. But as we can see, we have none.  Obama may have wanted to change the system but has not been allowed to do so by the ruling class. They are all corrupt. They have been corrupt for years and now there is no way to fight them. The illusion is shattered.


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