How will spending more on campaigns candidates be less corrupt?

The supreme court ruling today blows. Please tell me how letting corporations give unlimited amounts of money to campaigns will help them be less corrupt or promote democracy? American citizens are taking it in the bum again with no lube. We need to remove all private funding from campaigns and not allow them to lobby after they leave office. We need more democracy not less. Nobody is willing to stand up and fight these corrupt bastards. Both parties are corrupt. The two party system is a farce created to give the illusion of representation and freedom but at the end of the day the ruling class are all on the same team and it’s not your team. You don’t go to their school and they don’t care about you. Remember the bugs bunny cartoon where the coyote and sheep all punch in at the same clock before going to work trying to eat each other? Our political parties have gone the way of reality TV. Fake. They all need to go.

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