Clean Elections NOW!!!!!

The recent supreme court ruling proves how much control big business has over our government. BUT we the people can still join together and fight the ruling.

Fight for clean elections and remove all private funds from our election process and prohibit them from becoming lobbyist after service.

We need to realize that our leaders, red and blue have been corrupted. They do not represent the taxpayers. They represent big companies, special interest and themselves. Do not bother with rhetoric… See More from either side, it is just banter to give us the illusion of representation and freedom.

If we can just pull together on this one issue, Clean Elections, then the rest of our problems will be solved because we the people will have a voice. We have no voice or control.

Taxpayers left, right, conservative, liberal, or in the middle, it does not matter for this issue of Clean Elections. Your point of view is not currently being considered by the ruling class. We do have power, we need to use it and demand clean elections. NOW!!!!