Public Elections

Demand clean elections via public financing and removing large private funding of campaigns. Then vote the crooks out of office. The crooks will want to leave after the money’s gone anyway. Then run for office or support someone who does not owe their seat to a corporation or special interest group. Then make sure they can not become lobbyist after public service. This will force them to have an interest in representing you as a voter.

Try to reduce your carbon footprint to set a good example but it wont really matter as long as we are at war. The wars carbon footprint feeds itself. We must war to secure oil and we need oil to war.

Then start growing your own veggies and eating organic so you become more healthy and ready to fight. Put down booze, or drugs that keep you sedated. You need your mind to be clear and body strong.

Then try to take yourself off the grid as much as possible. Can you get a septic tank? Can you get solar panels on your roof? Can you drill a water well? The more you can boycott JEA the better.