demanded that Google back off its deal with Verizon to kill network neutrality

You and more than 300,000 others have demanded that Google back off its deal with Verizon to kill network neutrality. In Mountain View, CA on Friday, we delivered your message right to their front door. executive director James Rucker and nearly 100 others gathered outside of Google Headquarters to deliver petitions signed by members of MoveOn, CREDO Action, Free Press, PCCC, and ColorOfChange.

The event was a huge success and received a great deal of press coverage, communicating the public outrage over Google’s bad proposal, while also pushing the conversation about the need to protect the open Internet into the mainstream. Here are just a few examples of the media coverage you helped generate (click links below to read/watch), and the press is still continuing:


The New York Times – “Google Plan Disillusions Some Allies
San Francisco Chronicle – “Activists pressure Google on net neutrality
Wired – “Net Neutrality Protesters Call for Google to Stand Tall
San Jose Mercury News – “Google’s proposal sparks protest
Daily Finance – “Protesters at Google HQ Demand End to Verizon Net Neutrality Proposal

Television (SF Bay Area, home of Google):

CBS – “Protest at Google Over Net Neutrality Deal” & “Net Neutrality Advocates to Protest at Google HQ
ABC – “Google Faces Protest Over Net Neutrality Stance

It all happened because you spoke out. Thank you. Your voice is helping to demonstrate to the media, Congress, and the Obama administration that regular folks around the country refuse to let giant corporations take away the fair, open, and discrimination-free Internet we’ve come to rely upon and value.

Please keep up the great work. Your petition signatures, your phone calls, your visits to congressional offices — they all matter, and Friday’s rally demonstrated it.

Thanks and Peace,

— James, Dani, William, Gabriel, Milton, and the rest of the team
August 16th, 2010

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