Have you ever tried to purchase individual health insurance?

Have you ever tried to purchase individual health insurance? Who’s fault is it that I was born with asthma? Although I did get my tubes tied so that I did not pass on my preexisting condition to another generation. In 2000 when I shopped for an individual policy, United Healthcare wanted 500 per month premium and it would not cover my asthma for 12 months. This is total BS and why I have been advocating on the part of consumers to have more competitive options. The fact is that our insurance companies and drug companies are out of control, corrupt and the consumers are being hustled.

In 2009 I shopped again I found a policy (not saying it is a good policy) for 250 per month. I believe the drop in premium was because of the threat of a single payer system. It’s funny how (R) people claim they are in favor of a free market except when their corporate tax code perks and big business welfare are taken away. Bailouts are OK for big banks, big oil, big insurance but fuck the people who can’t find jobs now that Wall Street and Uncle Scam screwed up the economy.

The only problem with starving the poor is that there are more poor than rich and those gated communities wont protect the rich forever. Especially as the middle class starts to become poor. What will happen when the middle class can’t afford the drugs that keep them sedated, apathetic and non voting?