Faith Organic Gardens Mission

1366066072378I’m adding another personal project to my list of projects that I am working on and asking for volunteer help. I will be putting together a power point about this for people to download and present to their church leaders. I am very busy so if you want to help, please let me know.

I would like to see all churches across the world grow organic gardens on church property for their members as well as the surrounding community. They could even hire an farmer or two and provide classes about organic gardening and nutrition. This would improve the health of all people, plants and animals on earth.

I am also asking all people to help fight Monsanto and the GMO – pesticide industry. You know the GMO problem is not a left or right issue, it’s a life or death issue and I believe people of faith could really help get the word out and help the whole world.

I think a good date to shoot for is Earth Day 2013 for all churches to be on board with starting or supporting a local organic garden. Let me know if you like my idea of reaching out to churches and I will keep you updated.