Creative Resources

I added this page to list the best design resource websites. These site are for beginner designers as well as old ones looking to sharpen their tools. We could all use some inspiration.

FREE image manipulation websites

The best FREE image manipulation tools on the web.

This is just like PhotoShop, same tool sets, only free!

BeFunky ::
147 photo effects will turn your photos into awesome art. Just like PhotoShop’s filter effects, only its free and easy for a non designer to use. Save your file and print it out on poster paper or canvas.

Scrap Blog ::
This is the best way to make interesting slide-shows for the web. This is also great for presentations or for parties(weddings, birthdays, teams) because  you can project the slide-show from your laptop. You can now have your work printed as a book, but it is small 8×10 because the resolution is for the web. If you want to design your own book their are better ways to do it. Also, this site has recently added graphics that you have to pay for but their is still plenty of free ones to use. This site was designed for people, non-designers, to quickly create scrapbook style blogs. Brilliant. I’ve designed business cards, show flyers and postcards with this web application. It rules.

Graphic Design Resources

Become a Better Designer :: 50 sites that will help you become better at graphic design

50 Ways to be a better designer :: great tips

AIGA :: This is a great design group because they always have good workshops.

Noble Desktop ::  This is a great school in NYC and their website has many design resources.

Lynda :: $25 BUCKS per month – Whether you’re into digital photography, web design and development, motion graphics, or just need to brush up on Excel, you can learn all the software skills you need to gain a competitive edge with our online tutorials.

  • Master software from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft & more.
  • Access to 735 online training courses.
  • Learn from authors who are experts in their field.
  • Watch any video, any time—play, pause & rewind.

Fine Art Resources

Art-Trope :: New Art management group in NYC, they can get your work in high traffic non-gallery venues.

Art Bistro :: online art community

Gawker Artist :: Promote your fine art on this network, they will run banners with your art on their media network for free if you are accepted. I can always tell when my banners are in rotation because of the volume of traffic I get.

Web Design Resources

This Was My First List

7 Word Press Myths

Selling Stuff Online

Newtek Site Builder :: This website builder application is a DIY, no designer, no HTML knowlegded needed, application for small business owners who need a website and online storefront. Newtek offers a free 30 day trial and 24/7 expert phone support, 1000 templates, and NewtPayTM merchant processing for 29.95 per month. NewtPayTM is better than PayPalTM – this site is great for visual artist, it cost $30 per year, it has all the social networking tools built in, it’s a community site, you upload high rez photos of your art, set your price for each size print and your in business. (the largest size of print depends on the resolution of the image you upload) You can print postcards, note cards, posters and canvas. They cut you a check once a month for what sells. You can also list the original item for sale. You can list your events and send emails. – this site is FREE to join and easy to use. Just upload your design and people can order prints in any size on paper, canvas, t-shirts, and laptop/mobile skins! Awesome. – this site is great because it gets a ton of traffic from people who are looking for handmade, unique items. To list an item it cost .20 and the list stays for 60 days, then there is a transaction fee from PayPal. – this site is good for ordering short run or one off versions of your designs, the cost per item is high. – this was one of the first DIY design store sites and is good for making your own store but they censor your art.

Selling with Amazon :: This is a win/win for anyone wanting to sell high volume goods or to make a few bucks selling books that you review or self publish.

Handmade Goods :: This is the best site to sell unique hand crafted goods and art.

WordPress Plugin Ecommerce solutions free and paid options

TIP: You can get a shared hosted WordPress site from Newtek Technology Services for $5.95 per month. This site will help you make a flash store for 19.00 per month.

Business Start-up Identity

Vista Print :: This is the best priced, small quantity, printer online. They have free templates for business cards, postcards, letterhead, magnets, and promotional items. If you want a custom design for any of these products, contact me.

Check out your exclusive 25% discount on custom printed products at VistaPrint. Order today!

Social Networking Widgets This site will help you make flash widgets for social networking comments and tricked out profiles. Of course you have to pay to remove their branding but it’s still awesome.


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