This is my list of companies that are unethical.

Sprint :: Terrible customer service, terrible plans, extending contracts without permission, bold face lies, fighting against consumer rights, unethical practices.

Clearwire :: Clearwire lied to me about their coverage and contract stating that if  moved out of their coverage area, I could get out of the contract without penalty. The only reason I went with them over the competition was because of this fact because I new I would soon be moving to a different State without coverage. So then they say that I can have someone take over my contract  and that the contract was to protect me from the price rising. I mean they are just really insulting my intelligence. As if I would sell their service to another human being after finding out that they are lairs!!!!  No,what I am going to do is blog about how bad of a company they are here and on every other consumer rights website and warn people about them.

Live Nation :: They stole 115 bucks from me.

Ticketmaster :: They have lost in the mail three separate times my tickets and so I tried printing out my tickets and got stopped at the door because somebody else had already gone inside with the same ticket number. Great! They just cant get it right and they don’t care because they know they have a monopoly. Therefore I will never again purchase tickets from them or Live Nation who is just as bad.

Bell South :: These bastards sent me a DSL that I did not order and I sent it back and they lied and said they did nto get it and charged me 180 bucks!!!

Coach USA :: Nightmare commute home!


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