Website Design

From nine to five I work with a web development team using a custom built CMS (content management system) to design templates and maintain 200 plus websites for Newtek Business Services alliance partners. I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash to create graphics and animation. I also use Dreamweaver, Text Wrangler, Cyber Duck, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bugzilla, Wiki, and Excel to develop and project manage. I’m a front end designer and leave the real programming to my developers.

Below are some sites I have designed by myself for small companies. Some are completely custom and some use blog templates like wordpress, CMS templates like Mambo, Joomla or Realtor template sites. For small businesses that need to update their site frequently, I like to build them a blog site and train them how to use the template so that they can make any future changes. This way I can focus on my customers that need animation or full custom sites.

Designers click here for my Web Design Resource List.

NYHC Tattoos

NYHC Tattoos is owned buy Jimmy G from Murphy’s Law and Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front. The redesign was completed in 01/08, this site is constantly being updated with new tattoos, artist and news.

captian warren

This started as a landing page and turned into a small site for Captain Warren who charters off shore fishing trips. Completed 08/07, updated 06/08.

amy of amelia

Working with Pro Design Labs, I designed this splash page and logo for Amy and helped her choose a Realtor template site to match. Completed 06/07

hrp weddings

Rich is an awesome photographer and designed this layout. I converted his PSD layout to the web using Dreamweaver in 2001 which is why the site is designed with HTML tables, DHTML, and Javascript.

NYHC 4 Life

I used KickApps to develop this online community called NYHC 4 Life for NYHC Tattoos website. Launched April 1, 2008, the community now has 200 plus members and averages 1000 page views per day.
Updated daily.

OTAK Grou[

Otak Group is a small minority run construction company in Florida. They needed a simple corporate site that showed off their impressive work. The Flash slide show has worked well for this. Completed 2005, updated quarterly.

Chaos Fair

2006 Chaos Fair is an annual arts festival in Jacksonville that is run by volunteers. Each year they use an new team of designers to develop a site.

This SPCA group helped me catch and spay a stray cat in my neighborhood so I helped them by building this very simple site that they now update themselves.


not using my deisgn anymore

SkyeTec used the Flash/HTML site I designed them in 2005 for two years. They now outsource their website to a PR firm.


K and N Homebuilders is a very small, high quality, custom home builder in Florida. They needed a photo gallery to showcase their projects. They used my design for about two years.

The Pet Care Center

The Pet Care Center is the largest in Nassau county. I designed some graphics to be used in their Mambo CMS template. I also produced a DVD for them to use at their annual trade show. But when we were done, the doctors changed so we did not place it on the website.

Squeezer Klip

Working with Pro Design Labs, I designed the layout and graphics for this medical device site. Don’t laugh, it could happen to you!


no longer live

This company was owned by criminals and regulated out of business in the State of Florida. However, the marketing team and IT department were all very talented. We still keep in touch.


not using this design anymore

Andy is an amazing artist and this was his first website in 2000. Since then, he has learned HTML and now maintains his own site.

MJS Investments – Realtor (wordpress template)


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